Competitive & Marketing

Through the careful alignment of our marketing products and services with the needs of our clients, TCA aims to be the most impactful marketing resource available to the rural telecom industry. 

TCA’s Marketing Team takes an innovative, creative, and educated approach to developing marketing and business strategies that are unique and relevant to each of its clients. Our team dedicates their time to understanding the genetic makeup of your marketing department–marketing, sales, financial, and customer service—and helping you determine the best strategies to implement to achieve your goals. Our products and services are carefully designed to facilitate intradepartmental collaboration and ensure each component of your marketing department works as a team toward the same goal. We can help you strategize and plan in the following areas to ensure a successful marketing operation within your organization:  

  • Marketing Strategy 
  • Digital Marketing Strategy 
  • Promotional Planning 
  • Restructure Strategy (Required – LOB Analysis) 
  • Staff Development & Training 

We believe marketing is more than mere advertisements and promotions. It is a living system, and therefore, is constantly evolving. With a combination of strategic planning, implementation, and accountability, we provide our clients with an innovative marketing system that results in continued customer satisfaction, profitability and growth. Using a variety of marketing methods, we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing operation and determine where to focus your efforts to ensure you remain on track to reaching your goals.  

  • Market Assessments 
  • Surveys / Focus Groups 
  • Tracking & Reporting 

Whether you are building a brand new marketing department or revamping a fully developed and functional one, our team of experts aims to be your partner and advocate in all your marketing endeavors. We will work together to establish or enhance a proactive marketing presence at your organization and dedicate the time to understand your vision or current marketing operation: its processes, setbacks and successes. We promise to treat your company’s marketing department as its own unique operation, separate from the rest, and to always recommend the best course of action for your company, not anyone else’s. We look forward to collaborating on your future marketing projects.


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