Our team of experts brings you over 100 years combined industry knowledge, providing expertise in financial, regulatory, marketing, network, HR services, and many more across more than 20 states.  In this fast-paced, ever changing industry, TCA continues to help our clients succeed.

  • Financial

    TCA’s comprehensive team approach will help your company thrive through in depth analysis of revenue estimates, financial forecasting and business modeling.

  • Competitive & Marketing

    Our strategic planning implementation and accountability will help you achieve an innovative marketing system that results in continued customer satisfaction, profitability and growth.

  • Regulatory

    Our expertise and comprehensive coverage of state and federal regulatory proceedings allows our clients to identify creative solutions to meet all of their regulatory needs.

  • Strategic Planning

    TCA helps our clients set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, and set common goals between employees and stakeholders to assess and adjust the company's direction.

  • Advocacy

    Partnering with our clients to be a voice in the industry, promoting change in state and federal policy to better serve Rural America.  

  • Network Services

    TCA's extensive knowledge and close relationships with service providers ensures your network revenue is accounted for and billed accurately.

  • Performance Management

    Our results driven approach to each project ensures results and accountability within your organization.

  • Grants

    Our team of specialists will guide you through the various components of the application, ensuring a complete and competitive submission.

  • HR Solutions

    Our clients benefit from the expertise of a dedicated Human Resources advisor who can counsel on employee relations, compensation and benefits and safety and compliance issues.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    TCA's professionals help our clients navigate the life cycle of the transaction, creating a custom strategic plan to overcome challenges and execute a successful closing.

  • Business Solutions

    We consider this a unique bonus for our clients as it allows us to offer a level of support that extends beyond knowledge of financial operations and includes advice based on real experiences.