What does the future business model of success look like for your company?  Day-to-day operations make us take a closer look and evaluate doing business from a more aggressive and competitive standpoint for both your regulated and non-regulated products and services. 

TCA’s Financial Team has years of experience in the telecommunications industry and offers unique insight and innovative solutions to all assets of its clients’ financial operations. Our Staff of distinguished experts has a deep understanding of financial operations through firsthand experience in these types of positions at rural telephone companies. 

When our clients request our service, we join forces and become a part of the same team, working toward the same goal. Throughout the process, we provide updates and always ensure our clients understand the information is compiled and analyzed because it is with this understanding that they can duplicate, utilize, and implement strategies in their company’s operations for continued success. Our Team can assist in the following studies, filings, and reviews:  

  • Cost Separation Studies 
  • FCC Report Filings 
  • Tariff Filings 
  • Financial Forecasts 
  • Rate Case Financial Support & Filings 
  • Compliance Audit Review 
  • We also provide support through: 
  • Conferences & Training 
  • Accounting Assistance  

We demonstrate a deep level of care and desire to create a long-lasting partnership where everyone wins - your company, your customers, and ultimately Rural America. We welcome the opportunity to work together on your next project.