The new era of telecommunications demands a thorough understanding of evolving reforms to ensure your company’s compliance.  TCA serves as an advocate on both the federal and state levels, working to magnify the voice of our clients and the rural LEC industry through continuously reviewing, analyzing, monitoring implementation and communicating complex rules surrounding industry change.   

The TCA Regulatory Team provides a unique perspective on a wide range of issues and identify the best solutions for your company’s regulatory needs. We serve as valuable resource for our clients, empowering them through education and ensuring they understand industry changes that directly impact their companies. We ensure each of our clients remains compliant with current rules and regulations and understands the following rules and reports:

  • Federal Compliance
  • HUBB Reporting
  • Federal USF including: Cost-based, ACAM, CAF  & RDOF requirements

Our team of specialists is solely devoted to regulatory issues, allowing us to dive deep into the details of all proceedings and their potential impacts on your company.  In addition to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulation, our team also specializes in state regulatory issues. This comprehensive coverage of state and federal regulatory proceedings enables our team to advise our clients on all levels.

  • FCC Proceedings
  • State Commission Proceedings
  • State USF Preparations Petitions & Expert Witness Testimony

The FCC offers several programs designed to make telecommunications and information services more affordable for consumers. We educate our clients on the importance of these programs and explain what they mean for your company and the continued advancement of education and economic growth in your community. 

  • E-Rate
  • Lifeline

For more information on our services please contact Stacey Brigham. We look forward to assisting you with interpreting the impacts of change at your company.