Wendy Moris retires, Brad Adams to Succeed

By TCA on January 31, 2023

TCA rings in 2023 with some exciting news to share….

TCA shareholders are pleased to announce on January 1, 2023, Brad Adams has been elected TCA’s President, joining Mike Teeples, CEO, in leading the company into the future.

With over 40 years of combined experience, both Mike and Brad have been strong and vocal supporters of rural telephone industry issues and initiatives. Prior to joining the TCA Executive Leadership Team, each served the industry working for rural independent telecommunications providers, bringing a unique hands-on perspective of the opportunities and challenges TCA’s clients face every day. They spend countless hours and every available opportunity to raise awareness about the critical importance of broadband in rural communities and the great work TCA clients accomplish.

On a daily basis, TCA staff witness their commitment, enthusiasm and expertise in promoting TCA’s core values focusing on quality service, earning the respect of our employees. Their shared vision on collaboration and camaraderie among staff and clients is critical to our success! TCA is confident with the new leadership change; we are positioned for our future. Please join us in celebrating with the entire TCA team on this latest achievement.