Mike Teeples and Brad Adams assume new titles!

By TCA on April 22, 2022

Colorado Springs, CO, May 15, 2018 – Mike Teeples has assumed the title of CEO of TCA, Inc. - Telcom Consulting Associates (TCA). He has served as the Secretary on TCA’s Board of Directors for 8 years. Mike has 21 years of experience in the rural broadband/telecommunications industry and continues to lead the strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, and specialized financial services for TCA clients.

Brad Adams assumes the title of CEO of Business Solutions for TCA. He has 19 years of experience working for, and consulting with, rural telecoms/broadband providers on their lines of business. Brad brings operating company and consulting knowledge to assist rural telecoms with strategic business solutions as they provision new services and expand in their rural communities.

Mike and Brad will transition into these positions of leadership as a part of TCA’s long-term planning. “TCA continues to assist our clients with strategic consulting services and with finding successful business solutions, and we look forward to Mike and Brad’s involvement in leading our company long-term. Their roles at TCA will play a crucial part of TCA’s future," says Chris Schroeder.

Along with Mike and Brad, the TCA shareholder group includes John Balk, Chris Schroeder, Wendy Moris, Kevin Kelly, Kristi Ingrum and Daryn Parker.