Kate Young

Marketing Strategist

Kate joined TCA in 2018 with 12 years' experience in marketing and a focus on inbound, omnichannel, and strategic marketing methodologies.  She earned a Bachelor's degree in Media Management in 2010 and a Master's degree in Marketing, with an emphasis in Marketing and Sales Integration, Public Relations, and Web Development in 2015.  Kate began her career in 2006 when she completed an internship with the Walt Disney Company.

Most recently Kate worked as the Director of Sales and Marketing for a consulting agency specific to the automotive industry.  She developed and facilitated sales and marketing training as well as on-going multi-channel consulting to over 200 clients across the United States.

Kate has a creative and outside-the-box approach to marketing that's based on company-wide buy-in to not just processes, but the "why" behind what the company does.  "Marketing is all about building the relationship between your brand and your target customer, and that messaging must be consistent throughout every level of the organization."

Outside of work, Kate enjoys writing, pursuing education opportunities, planning her next adventure in travel, and spending time with her family and daughter, Penelope.

Email: marketing@tcatel.com

Call: (719) 266-4334