About Us

TCA provides business consulting services to rural independent telecommunications providers and their affiliates. We are committed to personalized and quality service utilizing our expertise and experience to support our clients' best interests and contribute to their success. 

Since 1982, TCA has served as consultants to independent telecommunication
companies on a full range of management, financial, and regulatory matters. TCA
provides assistance through nine service areas - Financial, Competitive Services & Marketing, Regulatory, Strategic Planning, Advocacy, Network Services, Performance Management, HR Solutions and Mergers and Acquisitions.
Rural telecommunications is changing. Not only do the technology and competitive landscapes continue to change, but the industry faces large scale regulatory reform. These changes bring new challenges in multiple areas to Rural LECs as they carve out their future in a broadband world.
With more than 400 years combined experience in the telecommunication industry, members of the TCA team deal first-hand with the challenges you face every day. TCA’s involvement on both a State and National level and the experience and expertise of our staff, bring value to the Rural Telecom/Broadband Industry. This, coupled with our services and customer service, gives you a winning combination.
Our commitment to establishing a high level of trust with our clients, along with our staff’s knowledge and experience, is TCA’s core foundation. We promise a “personal touch," giving our clients added confidence in making decisions necessary to gain a competitive edge in their markets.
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 TCA Team

The TCA Team

I think the biggest reason our relationship with TCA is so successful is communication. There is always open dialogue between us and them, and they listen to what our needs are. 

-TCA Client