The New Deal


Now that we have our Rate of Return Reform Order from the FCC, is everything now clear!?!  History has shown that in our industry, nothing every is, but has enough of the smoke dissipated to let each RLEC assess their long term direction and choose a path forward?  A "New Deal" of sorts?

In the last 10 years, you have dealt with the continued uncertainty of just how the FCC would “reform” our piece of Universal Service.  Even in those uncertain times, you have not stood still.  You have strategically planned, designed and built broadband networks, introduced new products and services, and secured the resources with the associated risk to make it happen.  Do you now feel at all uncertain about where that got us?  If you have any doubts, just look around at nearby communities, where so many scream for broadband and FIBER!  You have to feel good that your historical decisions have now positioned your company to take advantage of opportunities that so many others cannot even fathom. 

Yes, there will be choices to make regarding the optional A-CAM, capital budgets, competitive overlay challenges, etc., and not everyone’s choices will be the same.  TCA is privileged to have the opportunity to assist you in securing your New Deal and in the organization of the tools and resources to help make your new long-term vision a reality.  As you review our listing of services, know that TCA does not stand on the sidelines.  We are involved; in strategic planning with our clients, with the development of tools to assist you maximizing margins and reducing cyber security risks, and in the ways we advocate on your behalf with the FCC, NECA, USAC, Congress, and others.  This historical involvement is an advantage, which has assisted you in your progress to this point, and it will continue as your partner long into the future!


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Competitive & Marketing

Today’s competitive environment requires strategically driven, tactical marketing and business plans. There has never been a more crucial time to enhance or establish a proactive marketing presence at your company.



What does the future business model of success look like? Take a closer look and evaluate doing business from a more aggressive and competitive standpoint for both your regulated and non-regulated products and services.  





Today’s network is an entirely new way of communicating.  Efficient measurement and management of network activity is integral for business decision making.


Performance Management

As the industry changes, so do the mission, vision and business models required for success.  Proactive performance management goes well beyond measurement and accountability to ensure results.





The new era of telecommunications demands a thorough understanding of evolving reforms to ensure your company’s compliance. Be sure you understand how regulatory issues impact your company.



There are many opportunities for the rural industry to work together in providing advanced wireless services. Ensure your customers remain connected and to keep your business strong within the competitive wireless arena.

Cyber Security

Today’s world is more interconnected than ever before. Increased connectivity brings increased risk of theft, fraud and abuse. As consumers become more dependent on modern technology, we also become more vulnerable to cyberattacks like company security breaches, spear phishing, and social media fraud.


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