Network Solutions

Today’s network is an entirely new way of communicating.  The transition from a traditional voice network to an IP platform brings new opportunities and challenges for managing and measuring the network. TCA is continually evolving to meet the demands of changing network operations.  

Our close relationships with carriers and service providers, such as IXCs, Neustar, iconectiv and Telcordia break down communication barriers which ultimately results in a more efficient interaction that could lead to cost savings for you, our clients.

Access to tools and resources, including our self-developed network reporting software and integration with TCA’s Financial Team, ensures your network revenue is accounted for and billed accurately.  Our service such as analyzing CABs, creating monthly network trending reports, monthly NECA inputs or facilitating local number portability can help position your company for the future. 

Collectively, our team of three has more than 55 years of industry experience - that’s over half a century working for you.

Our participation at AOCN Network Meetings brings your voice to the national forefront.

Because our team has a high standard and is always operating with the regulatory requirements surrounding local number portability, we are always striving to meet your needs.

We would welcome the opportunity to help you manage your network. 

For more information, please contact Margie Mersman.


 Network Dept

Joyce, Margie and Akilah

Having TCA manage our ASR's frees up our C.O. Supervisor and C.O. Technicians for other duties. If they were managing all of the ASR's, we would have to dedicate an employee to that task, and it would take away from other technical work that needs to get done.

-TCA Client