Financial Solutions

What does the future business model of success look like for your company?  Day-to-day operations make us take a closer look and evaluate doing business from a more aggressive and competitive standpoint for both your regulated and non-regulated products and services.  

Understanding profitability and efficiencies within ALL aspects of your business is a key for future success.  TCA’s comprehensive team approach will help you evaluate the ways in which your company will thrive through in depth analysis of revenue estimates, financial forecasting and business modeling.

In conjunction with TCA’s Advocacy efforts, we pride ourselves in being proactive with providing you updated information on changes within the industry, and how they impact your company.

Our goal with each and every project is to work for your company as a part of your team, in the manner that fits your company best.  We work with you and provide updates throughout the project ensuring you have an understanding of the information being compiled and analyzed.  It isn't only about the final product.  We will assist you in how to utilize and implement strategies that you can duplicate in the future for continued success. 

TCA’s team approach provides various layers of support that ensure coverage for all of our clients.  With TCA, you will always have more than one contact to reach out to for assistance.  From annual filings to business planning and budget development, we focus on matching the service we provide to your needs, not the other way around. 

You will be working with TCA staff members that have been in your shoes, holding financial operation positions at rural telephone companies that will assist you in making financial decisions in competitive environments.

Helping your business succeed financially isn’t about TCA.  It is about a deeper level of caring and creating a long-lasting partnership where everyone wins - your company, your customers, and ultimately Rural America.

We welcome the opportunity to become an asset to your team and next project.

For more information, please contact Mike Teeples or Wendy Moris.



        Daryn Parker


Kristi Ingrum

TCA is a great partner to have in this industry. We couldn't survive without the knowledge, insight, guidance and help that TCA provides.

-TCA Client