Cyber Security Compliance

The power of connectivity is its ability to shorten the geographic distances between us.  However, it also creates opportunity for misuse and provides an avenue for those with malicious intent to access our businesses, homes, and personal lives.  So what steps can telecommunications providers take to secure their networks?

In a recent poll of IT decision makers conducted by the Cyberedge Group, 71% of respondents reported that their networks were breached in 2014.  That same year, the FCC charged a record fine of $10 million against two telecommunications companies whose neglect exposed up to 300,000 customers to the risk of identity theft.

K2Share, a trusted partner of TCA, has the expertise to strengthen your organization's security program.  Drawing from more than twelve years providing cyber security services to the government and private sector, from top-secret systems to local telecom networks, K2Share cyber security experts help organizations identify cyber risk and implement solutions to secure their networks and customers' data.

The first step is to build a baseline of your organization's current security posture. Remotely and at your site, K2Share can perform a comprehensive assessment of your security controls and the network they protect.  The products of this proven, systematic methodology are executive and technical reports that provide your organization an enterprise-wide view of your security posture with a road map to mitigate the highest value risks.

Once your organization's cyber security baseline is attained, K2Share offers a selection of valued cyber risk services to assist your IT team with mitigating identified risks, closing security gaps, and enabling your cyber infrastructure. 

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 Christopher D. Neaves

Keith Stein Keith Stein            

 The vulnerability analysis conducted by the TCA team provided a clear remediation roadmap that will enable our organization to prioritize the tasks necessary to improve our security profile.

-TCA Client