Competitive Marketing & Business Strategies


Tactical Marketing Planning and Strategy Development

  • Marketing Plans
  • Business Plans
  • CLEC Launch Plans
    • Market Viability and Financial Feasibility, in conjunction with TCA's Financial Team


Margin Assessment and Product Positioning

  • Line of Business Analysis
  • In-Depth Analysis of Current Offers Based on Key Line of Business Analysis Findings
  • Strategy Development for Revenue Maximization with a Focus on Profit
  • Develop Preliminary Plan Options
  • Gauge Potential Financial Impacts
  • Identify Customer Transition and Retention Strategies
  • Timeline Development


Market Research

  • Market Assessments
    • Demographic Analysis
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Penetration and Benchmark Analysis
  • Surveys
    • Bill Inserts, Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Online
  • Focus Groups
  • Industry Trends and Statistics
Staff Mentoring and Development
  • Customer Service, Sales and Culture Shift Trainings
  • Promotional Planning and Implementation Assistance
  • Marketing Strategy Implementation Assistance
  • Monthly Marketing Tracking and Reporting Compilation and/or Analysis